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MotoMilitant Apparel

Developed and designed in beautiful San Diego, California. Inspired by every road traveled and still yet to.

Founded in 2014 “MotoMilitant™ is the creation of a Navy combat veteran who wanted to create a possitive motorcycle streetwear brand that his friends and family (especially his young daughter who at the time was just getting into motorcycles) would be proud to wear before, during and after the ride.

Fusing designs influenced by motorcycle and military culture in a way that represents the fighting spirit, comradery and pride found in both communities, while representing both with the highest degree of excellence.

We started from the Bottom
Now We're Here

Starting with just two simple designs and a small folding table at a local stunt show, the story of the brand has connected with riders and fans alike. Everyone knows someone who is passionate about riding and not just in love with their bike but hyped about just about anything concerning the motorcycle community. Hears the sounds of pipes and knows that is the call of their people and excited to share about the latest ride, upgrade or gear they've added to the collection. That is what it means to be MotoMilitant and we've been stoked to learn so many have connected with the mantra.

MotoMilitant has proudly been a part of rider's lives and stories. Care packages to brighten a riders day after an accident, a loud message representing broken hearts after a loss, and a welcome to the family for first time riders; we are happy to say that MotoMilitant has been a part of so many journeys and aim to help be milestones in so many more.

Veteran Owned Business

Service Connected Disabled, Veteran Owned Business

US NAVY 1998-2018

Proud Member since 2014

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Proudly Giving back

1% of product cost will be donated to Motorcycle Relief Project, National Motorcycle Safety Fund, and Before You Serve with no caps or end dates.

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By supporting MotoMilitant, your helping a small business owner make a dream come true.


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